10 Reasons to Invest In A Ford Truck

Unless you are a vehicle expert, there are two types of vehicles for you - car and truck. That’s how most of us categorize vehicles, and it’s completely okay. However, most of us find it difficult to choose between these two and eventually fail to meet our needs. 

While cars do find their way into most households, if you have a truck, you have some excellent advantages, to be honest. But then again, if that’s a Ford truck, you are even luckier. In 2017, Ford sold over 6500 trucks every day! That should be a reason enough to dig down why on earth people are getting crazy over a Ford truck! 

Well, in this piece, we will be looking into the 10 obvious reasons you need to go for a Ford truck. Or we may say, 10 reasons to invest in a Ford truck!

Different Type of Truck in Market

Before we move to the justifications, you must know the difference among different types of trucks in the market. Not all the vehicles that have an open-end count as trucks. Depending on the design, anatomy, and application, trucks have many different names. Here’re some of the most common trucks you can find in the market.

  • Pickup Truck 
  • Off-road SUV
  • Classic Truck
  • Chassis Truck
  •  Mini, Mid, and Full Size

Pickup Truck: Pickup trucks are the most common truck types on the road. These are basically the larger vehicles with beds. One of the most popular models of Ford - the F-150, is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the market. 

Off-road SUV: These are not really that different from regular SUVs. The only thing that may be a differentiating factor is that these trucks can run off-track pretty easily. 

Classic Truck: Okay, the classic term here is referring to the older generation trucks. Basically, the older the truck, the more classic it becomes. 

Chassis Truck: If the truck doesn’t come with a bed, you can easily term it as a chassis truck. These are usually attached to anything other than the bed, such as cargo and tool drawers, fire trucks, etc. 

Mini, Mid, and Full Size: Then again, based on the size, there are also a number of truck types out there. Their actual size generally considers mini, mid, and full-size trucks. And as the name suggests, the mini trucks are the miniature versions of actual large trucks. Then again, the mid and full-size trucks are self-explanatory in this regard.

10 Reasons To Invest In A Ford Truck

Now, as we have discussed, Ford trucks are some of the most popular truck models in the world right now. For such a long time, this has been the case that people often use Ford as a synonym to the truck. Below we will be discussing 10 solid reasons you need to invest in a Ford truck. So, here we go!

  • A lot of options
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Convenience
  • Gas Mileage
  • Low Noise 
  • Technologically Advanced

A lot of options

Very few trucks come with many options when it comes to engine type, color, bed, and all. Ford is a bit different in this case. Take the Ford F-150, for example. It has almost dozens of colors to choose from. Pick one that matches your personality. 

Then again, it also has a variety of engine choices. From 290 HP to 450 HP, you can pick any type you like! As for the bed size, you have the liberty to go from 5.5 to even 8 feet in length!


Ford trucks are certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The authority has given the trucks a 5-star rating, which is pretty satisfying.


Ford is pretty well known for its performance worldwide. The off-road versions of the trucks are literally the performance kings. You can easily tow up to 13000 pounds on the trucks pretty easily.


“Built Ford Tough” - that’s what Ford says about its trucks in promotions. With the superior build quality and proven history of long-term service, it’s pretty safe to say Ford trucks are actually quite durable.


The design of the Ford trucks is simply out of the league of most trucks out there. You can’t unsee or ignore the elegant designs in any way.


Options like remote starts, cooling, heating seats, and climate control systems - you can’t really differ in riding on a truck and sitting at home.

Enough Space

Most Ford trucks do come with enough room. The interior is quite spacious to support you and more passengers in a very comfortable manner. 

Gas Mileage 

Another significant reason to invest in a Ford truck is the mileage. Take the F-150, for example. It comes with a mileage of 19 miles for a gallon in the city and 26 miles on the highway.

Low Noise

While most trucks struggle to lower the noise it makes when it hits the highway, Ford comes with a better experience for you. The trucks can optimize the vibration in a certain way to either eliminate or significantly lower the noise at a certain point.

Technologically Advanced

No matter how fast the world is moving, some trucks simply do not keep pace. However, Ford is a bit different in this regard. They are adopting new and latest technologies that can be implemented in a truck so that you can have the most comfortable journey ever.

From remote operation to touch-screen calibration - the developments are catchy and useful.

Bonus Reason: Resale Value

If you are not feeling like using the Ford truck or planning on upgrading it, you can simply sell it to anyone in the resale market. Ford trucks have exceptional resale values than other trucks, which definitely makes them a better option.

How many miles can a f150 last?

The miles depend entirely on maintenance and some other factors. Although, the Ford truck is manufactured by using advanced technology and durable parts.

However, on average, the Ford F-150 truck can last between 150,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

How often should you change spark plugs in a Ford F150?

Ford recommends changing the plugs at 100,000 miles on an F-150, Explorer, and other models under “normal” driving conditions. If a truck generally tows a trailer or spends several times in stop-and-go traffic or idling, Ford suggests installing fresh plugs every 60,000 miles.

How much does it cost to replace spark plugs in a Ford F-150?

The average replacement cost for a Ford F-150 spark plug up to $275. We estimate labor costs $120 to $200.

This range does not include taxes and does not factor in your specific model/ year or exclusive location.

Final Words  

So, that’s it! You’ve got more than 10 reasons to invest in a Ford truck! It’s obviously safe and more convenient to invest in such a trusted and valued vehicle by most users around the globe. Ford, being a reliable brand with a tremendous track of performance for a long time, it’s always a great idea to invest in its trucks.

Good luck with your new purchase! 

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