Reasons You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

No, it’s not okay to wash your car every other month. Yes, I know that it’s a tiresome job if you are trying it yourself, but whatever it takes, regular washing is a must. Today, there are many car washing centers available just blocks away from your home or office. If you don’t want to wash it yourself, a carwasher can do the job, too!

Keeping it clean, fresh, and shiny – is enough of a reason for you to wash your car regularly. Spend some bucks on washing centers if you’re not into the laborious job, but do make sure someone else, at least, is washing it. If you want to know some good reasons you should wash your car regularly, keep reading till the end!

Car Washing Basics

Washing a car is as simple as washing your dog. It takes time, but it’s fun, and the result is amazing. Now, there are a few ways you can wash your car. You can go for a regular, manual wash or opt for an automated wash.

Some of the most prominent car washing centers in the USA use automated car washing systems. All you need to do is simply put your car inside the washer, and it comes out as a clean, fresh, new-looking vehicle.

If that’s not what you are interested in, you can always wash your car manually. If you have an air compressor, a powerful hose, and a car cleaning agent – you are ready to do it yourself! Then again, car washing plants also have manual washing options, as well. You can outsource it like this if you don’t have the time.

9 Reasons You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

Yes, we all get it that we need to wash our cars regularly. But how often should you wash your car, that’s a separate debate. However, as of now, let’s see some of the most vital reasons you need to wash your vehicle on a regular basis.

Expansion of Life Span

The more you are keeping both the inner and outer parts of the car, you are making sure that they are in good condition. With a regular wash, less rust and slag will develop on the vital parts of the vehicle.

This will eventually ensure that the car lasts longer than any other vehicle that is taken less care of. So, yes, cleaning and washing your car regularly increases its lifespan pretty effectively.

Safeguards the exterior

If you are living in humid areas like New Orlean or DC, you are probably familiar with the bug attack on your car! That’s one of the most disgusting ways to give you a reason to clean up your vehicle. If that’s the case, you are facing it regularly, washing the car will prevent the exterior damage of your ride. Then again, as it washes away dirt and debris from the body, it also ensures that the body is safe from scratches.

Promotes Safe Driving

Mirrors and windows are some of the favorite places for dirt and debris to settle down. If you are not cleaning them off, it will hamper your regular vision. You may hardly see through the windows or the reflections on the mirror because of this.

So, a regular deep-wash would definitely make it safer for driving. The chance of poor vision will be less, and safety will be ensured.

Develops Fuel Efficiency

Well, yes, a clean car is more fuel-efficient than a dirty one. So, how does it work? If you are not cleaning your car every time after you come back from a snow trip, it will cause salt on the tires. Plus, the undercarriage is also a possibility.

With both these issues in place, the car needs to drag itself with more power than usual. So, it will definitely cause you to use more fuel than normal. So, if you keep it clean and fresh, it won’t need to burn more fuel than necessary, improving fuel efficiency.

Keeps Your Car’s Look 

Regular wash and clean makes it really easy for you to retain the new look of your car. It will look like a brand-new car even after 5 years if you regularly clean and wax it. Yes, you also need to do some waxing if you want to make it shine no matter what.

So cleaning and washing your car will definitely hold on to the showroom look for a long time. Although it needs a bit of polishing and waxing, these can be done at the time of washing.

Protect From Winter Damage

If you are from the northern region experiencing heavy snowfall, you should be pretty familiar with the issue of salt. The authorities put salt over the snow to melt it and the streets are just a white mixture of snow and salt.

This salt gets into the wheel’s corner and eventually causes rust in the area. So, you need to regularly wash the car at least once in two weeks to keep this salt out and safeguard the lower part of the car from rust.

Ensures Mechanical Safety

When you are cleaning your car, you get the opportunity to sneak into every nook and corner of your vehicle. This way, you get to see every single part around and can confirm if any of these little parts need your attention for repair.

For example, you can easily discover if there’s a loose bulb, a worn-out or broker wire, if the oil tank is leaking, and things like that. This way, regularly cleaning automatically allows you to run a safety check on your car without you even noticing it!

Elevates Your Self-Esteem

Just look at the eyes of the people rushing beside you when you are inside a dirty car. Yep, that’s the look of what we call trolling on the internet. People don’t think of you as a decent and organized guy if you are riding a car that looks like a sand art canvas.

You can feel the difference in feeling when you just wash your car and ride it back home. This elegant feeling is something unparalleled and must be ensured.

Improves Resale Value

Planning on selling your vehicle later? Then you need to make sure you don’t make it look like a car from the ‘80s. Regular cleaning with cleaning agents will make sure that the car looks exactly like the one displayed at the showroom.

So, even if the inner parts get worn out, the outer look of your car will give you a great chance to negotiate and claim a competitive price for it.

Car Washing Safety

When you are washing your car, either by your own hand or by the automatic washer, you need to maintain some safety measures. Here’re some of the safety measures you need to ensure.

  • Make sure that the vehicle is switched off from all wire connection
  • Do not use any tools or cords that comes with an exposed wire
  • Do not start the vehicle after cleaning when your hands are still wet
  • Do not use the chemicals used to wash the car directly. Some chemicals can harm if they come under direct skin contact
  • Keep the vehicle in a well-ground place so that it doesn’t slip
  • Put on slip-resistant shoes
  • Keep the hoses coiled

Final Words

If you value the freshness of your car, then that’s the only reason you need to wash your car regularly. And by regularly, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry the hassle of cleaning the vehicle every other day. Generally, once in 10 days or once every two weeks should be the least washing schedule you can maintain.

As for the reasons mentioned, you should wash your car regularly; these should be enough to grasp the need and importance of keeping your ride clean and safe.

So, don’t take it lightly, start washing!

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