What Is the Difference Between an SUV and a Jeep?

The feeling of buying your first car is something out of the world. It gives your life a new meaning, a new passion, and speed. And when it comes to buying the car, all you know is that you need a new car!

But when you hear, there's SUV, Sedan, Coupe, Hatchback, Jeep, and so on, you are like Ok! All I wanted is a car but, what the hell are all these! Calm down, my friend. Just give us a moment we will explain.

In this article, we will explain the difference between an SUV and a Jeep so that you can easily decide between these two.

Why an SUV is called an SUV?

SUVs are easily recognizable by their shape. You will notice, they have a bulky, sporty look as their wheels are comparatively larger and have higher clearance to provide better visibility. They are sort of rugged like jeeps but, their modern and sporty appearance makes them stand out.

If you have been looking for a vehicle that you can use for daily commutes and a happy long drive at the weekend. SUVs would be a perfect suit for you. You can drive them comfortably on common surfaces such as grass, sand, rocks, ice, mud, and snow.

And the most remarkable part is you can fit a whole medium family of 7-8 members or all of your friends without appearing like a refugee carrying a mini truck or local minibus.

SUVs are excellent for multipurpose use. They are like an upgraded version of typical cars when it comes to capacity and durability.

Size of SUV

More or less, we all know that SUVs are usually bigger than cars. Still, they have differences in their size. You might want to get a medium-sized one if you are looking for something bigger than crossovers. They would be a perfect selection for small families.

Also, they can get along pretty well in cities as they are not that big and consume less fuel.

On the other hand, when it comes to a large family, you need a bigger one. You will get around 7-8 seats in those and a spacious section in the rear for storing your luggage. Besides that, if you are looking for some chilling off-road adventure time, getting one of these will give you the best experience.

Why is a Jeep called a Jeep?

The name Jeep is a brand name of an American automobile. By the sands of time, this brand turns out as a generic term for rugged-off, boxy vehicles. And because of this reason, most people get confused between Jeeps and SUVs.

Now, let's get to understand how Jeep turns out to be a household name. There's an interesting fact behind this. Jeep introduced the standard version of SUVs around the 1960s. The original version was invented before, though.

General Purpose (GP)

The name Jeep is pretty minimal yet pretty attention-grabbing. The acronym GP inspired the name Jeep. The letter G stands for General and P for purpose.

But it failed to draw enough attention from the public. Then Ford named their modified model GPW meaning Government Distance Willys. The interesting fact is, the cartoon character Eugene the Jeep from "Popeye" played a big motivation behind the name.

Do All Jeeps Have 4-Wheel?

It would become a lot easier to understand the difference between a Jeep and SUV if we take a look at the difference between SUVs vs. 4×4.

I'm not sure if you know that some Jeeps are RWD and some 2 WD. People usually prefer drivetrain to reduce the fuel economy. And you are ok with a two-wheel-drive jeep as far as you are not taking it in off-road conditions. It would be wise to go for a bigger SUV in the city.

Let me simplify it for you if it still seems complicated, 2WD vehicles have two wheels, and 4WD have four. And the 4WD vehicles are comparatively larger, which gives you more power on the road.

Is 4×4 Similar to SUV?

As we know by now, all Jeeps do not have 4 wheels so, let's get to understand the difference between SUV and 4WD. A large number of people out there think they are alike. Yeah, generally, sport utility vehicles are 4WD, and as it appears that 4WDs and SUVs are the same. So, this a good reason for not comparing SUVs with Jeep.

What Makes Crossover Different from SUVs?

You will find this comparison quite popular. However, instead of comparing Jeeps to SUVs, understanding the difference between Crossover and SUVs will sound more logical. They are similar in lots of ways, yet they have differences. It's kind of like us, you know, "how much alike are people yet so different."

We have already discussed the characteristics of SUVs and their advantages. Now, what's about their downside?

Well, an SUV is heavier and less maneuverable compares to a crossover. So, you will find it difficult to make parallel parking with it. And 4WD SUVs come with a higher price tag. Well, comparing its price won't be logical as it's going to underestimate their gripping ability on a slippery road.

Is an SUV a Jeep?

SUVs offer two different experiences with 4WD and 2WD models. On the other hand, Jeep is just a general term that indicates the first models of Willys and Ford, and most importantly, the majority of the jeeps are 4×4 so, it won't be wrong if you call them SUV.

The only difference we have been able to find is in their styles. While SUVs come with a modern, stylish look, jeeps are more rugged and cute. SUVs are perfect for off-road use but, Jeeps offers you a whole experience.

Why is SUV a Better Option?

Here are some reasons how an SUV can be a better option than a Jeep. Let's just focus on the bullet points:

  • SUVs are great all-around family cars, enabling you to enjoy the ride with your whole family or group of friends.
  • You get a modern and sporty-looking car to show off and impress your friends.
  • A high driving position allows you to have a clear and comfortable view of the road.
  • Give you more passenger-carrying ability and, getting in and out is easier, making it a user-friendly vehicle.
  • Better off-road performance. Whether you want to go to the beach or jungle, it will take you there effortlessly.
  • Excellent grip on slippery road so, no matter whether you want to hit the rainy road or snowy, you can go without any worries.
  • Offer you a better fuel economy and decreases emissions with its latest technology.

Final Words

Comparing SUV to a Jeep is like comparing black tea with red tea. You see, there are like a brother from another mother. You won't be able to make any rational comparison between them.

So, the million-dollar question "what is the difference between an SUV and a Jeep" seems quite alike "ay" in Okay. The only little difference between them you may find is in their look.

However, if you are confused about which one to get, the answer would be defiantly an SUV unless budget is a big issue.

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